Rehabilitation Centre

The Victoria’s Wellness, Spa and Rehabilitation Centre is a facility that caters your health and wellness needs. Located in Downtown Toronto, our qualified team of therapists will work collaboratively with you, offering a wide range of effective treatments and services. Our treatment options are flexible, individualized and incorporate physical and emotional healing practices. Our goal is to ensure that our services clearly reflect the needs of our clients. In addressing these needs and cares, an emphasis is placed on physical and emotional healing.

Our Difference

Treatments at Victoria’s Wellness, Spa and rehabilitation centre may surprise you!

Unlike what you may have experienced in the past, we provide exclusively one-on-one treatment in modern and private therapy rooms.

We use scientifically validated “evidence-based” treatment practices

We DO spend valuable appointment time employing manual handson therapy and other tools including electrotherapy modalities, acupuncture and more as needed.

We also educate you on your condition and provide you with home rehabilitation programs and other guidance to help you continue your treatment at home.

We treat exclusively in private therapy rooms rather than in an open gym. Our gym space is used for gym activities, and may be utilized during your sessions with us.

We provide only the therapy you need. We establish clear treatment objectives with you from the start, and focus our efforts on achieving those objectives as rapidly as possible.

All Victoria’s Wellness Spa and Rehabilitation Centre treatments recognize total client confidentiality and privacy, respecting your requirements and boundaries.

We also work with all insurances and unions We also accept MVA as well as Workers Compensation Patients!

Services Offered:

Massage therapy
Ear candling
Lymphatic Drainage
Hot stone massage


We also offer bracings, compression stockings,
orthopedics shoes as well as orthotics. Sauna and
steam room are also available